Thursday, September 6, 2012

Great Lakes Summer Trip

I am now in the process of posting 11 hikes I took as part of a hiking trip to the Great Lakes this past summer (July 2012).  These hikes are located in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  The Kentucky and Indiana/Illinois sections are now complete.  I am working on the Michigan/Wisconsin/Minnesota section now.  After I complete that section, the two sections in the western USA will come next.

Also, I have almost finished updating as many of the "old" hikes as I can by adding Google maps and pictures from the trail.  Unfortunately, I have found that I have fewer old hiking pictures than I had hoped, so many blog entries remain without pictures.  In particular, many hikes in Georgia, Virginia, and Ohio remain in the old format.  Many of these trails will require re-hiking before I can update them.