Wednesday, October 17, 2012

400 Blog Hikes!

I am still in the process of posting some of my old Ohio hikes, but I thought it worth noting that I completed my 400th hike for this blog during a trip to the Smoky Mountains last week.  I number my hikes in chronological order, so Hike #001 was my very first hike (Governor Bebb Preserve in Ohio: I first went there as a kid with my dad).  I will post a master list eventually, but for now here is a run-down of my milestone hikes:

Hike #100: Highbanks Metropark near Columbus, OH, hiked in July 2001.
Hike #200: Rim Trail at Bryce Canyon in Utah, hiked in May 2006.  Side note: my Grand Canyon hike was #201; DOH!
Hike #300: Twin Lakes State Park in southern Virginia, hiked in April 2010.
Hike #400: Deep Creek Loop at Great Smoky Mountains National Park, hiked in October 2012.

I am working on writing up my 4 hikes from the Smoky Mountain trip.  I will get them posted after I get the trail descriptions written.

I am also on track to challenge my record for number of new hikes in a calendar year.  My current record is 40 new hikes set in 2010.  I already have 35 new hikes this year, and it is only October.

Here's to 400 hikes, and to 400 more!