Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Reflection Post

Cheraw State Park marks the end of the trail for me for 2015, so it is time for what has become an annual tradition: my year-end reflection post!  In my first year with my mom in glory, I had a rather prolific year on the trail.  I hiked 52 new trails totaling over 141 miles.  Both of those numbers are all-time highs for me.  I hiked in 16 different states including 2 new states: Connecticut and Rhode Island.  I only have 13 states to go now to get all 50 of them.

I should get off to a fast start in 2016: I am scheduled to go down to Baton Rouge to do some bayou hiking in January.  Normally I would take that trip in December, but some nuances in the academic calendar at my university force me to take it in January.  [I am a full-time math professor, after all :)]  I also tentatively have trips planned to eastern North Carolina, northern California, and central Ohio this coming year.  Hopefully I will get a couple of new states on my way out to California; that's one advantage to driving rather than flying.

See you on the trail in 2016!

David, aka the Mathprofhiker

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