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Welcome to my hiking blog. I grew up in HamiltonOhio in a home surrounded on three sides by woods. One of my favorite activities as a child was to go walking through these woods. In fact, my many years of walking along the same paths wore a mini trail system through the forest. As I got older, I spent less time in the woods as school work and other pursuits consumed larger quantities of my time.

As a sophomore in college, I bought a book (from the bargain bin, where it never should have been) called 50 Hikes in Ohio by Ralph Ramey that reignited by interest in the woods. I also discovered a trail system immediately east of campus at Miami University, my now two-time alma mater. With this discovery, my hiking career was born. Ramey’s book interested me so much that I began writing about each new trail I hiked. It is that still-growing collection of writings that I present here.

While each blog entry is based on my personal experience while hiking the trail, I have tried to make the blog more useful to others by embedding my experience into a more general trail description. I have also included directions to the trailhead, hoping that you might find the same pleasure in observing God's creation in its natural state that I have. Please keep in mind that this is a blog, not a publishable trail guide. Amazon.com is the best source I know for published trail guides. I have written an extensive collection of hiking guide reviews on Amazon; this link leads to a full collection of my Amazon reviews.

To find a hike in this blog, you can:
1) use the "Blog Maps with Links" tab and zoom in on your geographic region of interest.  Each placemark contains some summary information and a link to the full blog entry.
2) download my Master List Hikes spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet allows you to sort/search my blog entries however you like and contains links to each entry.
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Or, for something completely different, grab a slice of my new pizza blog, complete with its 80 point rating system. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at mathprofhiker at gmail.com. See you on the trail!


  1. Enjoyed your comments on Tuscarora Overlook in Douthat State Park, VA.

  2. Hi Shara,

    Thanks for the comment, but it belongs with Blog Hike #347: http://mathprofhikingblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/douthat-state-park-blog-hike-347.html

    That's one of my favorite hikes in the Virginia mountains. That park is definitely under-used: I saw only a couple of other people on that trail.

    See you on the trail,

    David, aka the Mathprofhiker

  3. This is such a fine blog.

  4. Hi Mathprohiker,
    It is great to read your story, which lead you to write your hiking trail experiences. Your blogs are so attractive and inspirational with authentication. It really wonders, being an Assistant Professor how you are finding time to go for hiking.
    No doubt, you are a natural hiker by birth. I started following your blog. Your trail list is very attractive and fascinating. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Thanks for the comment. I got heavy into hiking when I was in graduate school. I no longer had the time or money to play golf, so I took up hiking as a substitute. I'm glad I made that choice: I have spent many pleasant days on the trail.

      Thanks again and take care,

      David, aka the Mathprofhiker